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  • Products are delivered all over Turkey in general the maximum 3 business days. The shipping cost is 20 Turkish Lira.

  • Shipping time to abroad is maximum 6 days after payment.

Exportable Countries and Shipping Charges:

GRUOP1: France, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, America, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Romania, Poland.

Shipping charge is 130 Turkish Lira.

GROUP2Croatia, Ireland, Australia, China, Czech Republic, Japan, Luxembourg, Hungary, Egypt, Norway, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Greece.

Shipping charge is 180 Turkish Lira.

GROUP3: Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, Russia, Slovakia, Monaco, Mexico, Macedonia, Canada, India, Thailand, Bahrain, Belarus, Ukraine, Jordan, Brazil.

Shipping charge is 240 Turkish Lira.


 House Of Look will accept merchandise in its original condition for a refund of the purchase price when accompanied by the original invoice. Product and product label must be unworn. No exchanges, store credits, or returns on damaged items. Return merchandise must be post marked within 7 days from the date of delivery.  Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. 
To return your product, you should mail your product to: Abdi İpekçi Caddesi, Maltepe Apartmanı, No:44/7 Nişantaşı/İstanbul/Turkey

Please send us ( email after mailed your return to us.

In credit card payments refund takes 7 business day from PayU . 

In debit card payments refund takes 15 business day from PayU.


Protection of Personal Data


İPEK DORUK ( " HOUSE OF LOOK "), unless you give importance to the protection of personal data and you are our valuable customers Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 ( " KVKK ") would like to inform the scope.

What is Personal Data? 
Scope KVKK personal data, identity-specific or determinable with any information relating to the natural person ( " Personal Data ") and that the private Qualified Personal Data a special kind of it, race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion or other beliefs , costumes and apparel, associations, foundations or trade union membership, health, sex life, your data on criminal convictions and security measures with biometric and genetic data ( " Special qualified Personal data ") refers. The statements made under this Lighting text to your Personal Data also includes your private Qualified Personal Data.

The methods by which your Personal Data We Collect and Legal Reason? 
We take all the personal data sought in legislation, especially in processing activities KVKK and all obligations to act in accordance with the principles and the necessary security measures for the processing of your personal data in a secure way that we carry on. KVKK pursuant enumerated below, and your personal data via other channels that can be added to them, in the future automatically or with a non-automatic way, voice, verbal and collects in written or electronic form and according to the processing objectives KVKK 5.1, 5.2 We process under Article 6.2 and Article 6.3:

  1. This Lighting text will be updated as part of HOUSEOFLOOK related and that the processing of personal data, especially our internet site, mobile and other applications and our HOUSEOFLOOK belonging to all other online mediums ( " Media Tools ") that enables communication with or through HOUSEOFLOOK the device on the website HOUSEOFLOOK to or set out below the cookies of third parties ( " cookie ") with the channel,

  2. Founded and managed by the Bonvago or operating all sales and marketing network ( " HOUSEOFLOOK Stores ") channel the scope of sales and marketing,

  3. Bonvago accounts operated on behalf of the various social media channels ( " Social Media ") through,

  4. Our e-mail address ( " email ") via executed correspondence, short messages sent by other goals for Bonvagon ( " SMS "), or multi-media messages ( " MMS "), plus any other communication methods, including communication tools ( " Contact Tools ") with the channel,

  5. Bonvago or managed by the companies that provide services for the Bonvagon our call centers ( " Call Center ") with the channel,

  6. Served by Bonvagon or services received by group companies, business partners, manufacturers or service / product supplied by firms such as third party channels.

Which we process your personal data?

We handle your personal data following examples:

  1. Personal Data you provide to us: Name and surname, date of birth, TC ID number, telephone number, e-mail, address, survey photographs conveyed the scope and competitions, video recordings and above any other kind of you share in any way on our side through the channel of your personal data .

  2. Auto Road with Sair Information Collected Personal Data included: automatic search machines, image and sound recording devices, collected in an automated way or the other way is through cookies with personal data.

  3. Other sources of imported Personal Data Included Sair Information:  social media, business partners, based on your permission you have given our suppliers and other third parties before the updated shared by our side delivery and address information; account information, purchase, page view information; information such as search terms and search results, paid listings (such as Sponsored Links) as your personal data.

What purpose do we work with them your personal data?

We process your personal data as a rule based on your explicit consent. However, without your explicit consent in exceptional cases permitted under the Personal Data can be processed KVKK (KVKK Art. 5.2 and Art. 6.3).

In this context,

efficient use of resources, to protect our legitimate interests, such as observation of call center service; We process your personal data. In addition, you provide your personal data by such means as the general use of social media channels you participate in contests and also we işleyebilmekt to the extent permitted under your consent without seeking a more KVKK.

products and services such as advertising) transmission (vi) gifts and promotional and other magazines / periodicals delivery (vii) corporate communications and arranging other activities and invitations in this regard and can be processed in order to be informed about them. In addition, private Qualified Personal Data also taking your explicit consent KVKK your consent Art. the objectives specified in 5.2 and wherein (i) to (vii), can be processed up to the intended purpose.

In this context, open your consent to the processing of each type that requires your explicit consent in this text giving this consent documents in the desired area can support you and to us so we can serve you better.

What is Our Time Processing of your Personal Data? 
Your Personal Data KVKK mainly in accordance with the compulsory period in the legislation and other legislation regarding the protection of personal data form above legitimate purposes in any case will be processed as long as the disappearance. 

Personal Data Third Party and / or transferred abroad
Your Personal Data only if the existence of objective processing does not require your consent above open, domestically and mainly EU countries, America, Britain, OECD countries, India, storage located abroad, especially in China and Canada, archiving, support for information technology (server, hosting, software, cloud computing), security, calls with third parties we receive support in areas such as the center, with cooperation and / or services purchased by group companies, business partners, suppliers, banks, financial institutions, law, taxes and so forth. It received support in the field of consulting firms and other related parties as is necessary with the designated purpose of the transfer may be transferred to the competent institutions.

Apart from this, but with the proviso receiving your explicit consent of the home and also Group companies in countries listed above, marketing and sales support that third parties can process personal data based on your explicit consent specified above may be transferred pursuant to your express consent. Also explicit consent to referring to HOUSE OF LOOK a part of or assets (brand, but not limited to but including domain names and other commercial business elements) if the sale is Your Personal Data transferee natural or legal persons, their stakeholders, business partners, agents, including consultants to be transferred to the extent required for the transfer to third parties at home and abroad, 
Your rights arising from our support, as kvkk' for Your Personal Data and Data Specialist
Referring to agents according KVKK HOUSE OF LOOK 11; learning has been processed your personal data to request information relating to it has been processed your personal data, learning that the processing purpose of your personal data and used according to their purpose, domestically or abroad know the third person in the transfer of your personal data, do not want them to be corrected in the event that your personal data is missing or incorrectly processed Objective, time and legitimacy principles to be considered within the Personal data to be deleted if the elimination of the cause of the processing or requesting the elimination, correction of personal data, this process if it is erased or not the request to notify third parties that the transfer of personal data,

In this context, these rights can submit your request for our e-mail address. At your request, you are safe as our e-mail address to be notified electronically signed or still need to send to our mailing address is located below your identity documents originally signed as a retainer or through a notary. HOUSE OF LOOK's, as soon as the relevant documents from reaching your request and not later than 30 (thirty) days will conclude free. In the event of a rise due to the cost of fulfilling your requests, we will only be able to charge you fees in the tariff determined by the Board of Protection of Personal Data.

Mailing address: İPEK DORUK Meşrutiyet Mahallesi Hacımansur Sokak No:30/1 Şişli – İSTANBUL/TURKEY  (Istanbul Trade Registry) Number: 145334-5  Mersis No: 3397376574400001

E-mail address:

changes in the scope of our legislation and practice relating to personal data, you can always follow the relevant page of our website.


What are cookies?
Cookies When you visit the website on the internet, network access stored via your browser on the device or the Bonvago are small text files belonging to third parties. Cookies are used in lighting Website as defined in the text.
Why do we use cookies?
Depending on your device, in particular, we use cookies for the following purposes:
  1. Websites bring it to your visit more enjoyable to increase the use and functionality of the Website,
  2. Internet Site and recognize you on your next visit to your expectations and tailored to your interests and to provide personalized content screening facility,
  3. Internet advertising, Targeting, Re-targeting (= targeting and re-targeting), cross-selling campaigns, opportunities, and products / services like ads to provide you with opportunities for specific products and services, preferences and make commercial offers considering your recent purchase,
  4. To create traffic statistics,
  5. To determine how you are aware of the Website.
How to Edit Settings in your Internet browser cookies?
You can easily change the default settings of Internet browsers usually do this by changing your browser settings, but programmed to accept cookies.
However, if you choose to disable cookies in your browser, you may not benefit from all the functional features available on our Website.
For more information about cookie settings, please refer to the following links:
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  6. Opera ™:
To be in order to remind, by disabling cookies on your Internet browser, you can be a good way of our website, including cookies that are needed to run all the cookies disabled.
Accept Third Party Cookies are we from?
Internet during your visit to our site you will be offered to personalize the content, including advertising and develop third party websites listed below from cookies stored on your device:
  1. Social Networking Content: We can post on our support pages of content from social networks. Therefore, our support pages to reference this content, stored in a cookie on your device from the corresponding social network. We advise you to read the cookie policy of these social networks for more information.
  2. Flash Cookies: The files stored by the Flash software. This tool is often installed as an extension of the internet browser to display dynamic moving objects such as graphics or video directories. Therefore, Flash cookies can be installed due to the use of this application. For more information we  would advise you to read the cookie policy located on site.
Third Party Support Page puts the cookies we? 
Our cookies, our brands and / or products serving ads for our business partners are able to place our website. 
These cookies to deliver appealing to relevant content on your interests and our content (advertising included) to evaluate how long it is displayed kullanılmaktadır.Bu cookies to deliver appealing to relevant content on your interests and our content (advertising included) are used to assess how long it is displayed.
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